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Professional Service Centre for hardware and software maintenance of mobile devices and accessories in Varna.

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NokiaShop & Service Finbul

20 " Chataldzha " Bulvd., 9000 Varna

phone/fax: 052 721058

mobile: 0898 650645


gps coordinates:

N 43 21'48"

E 27 92'14"

Other information

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Nokia Shop & Service Finbul - Varna

Finbul Service Center

The first Authorized Specialized NokiaCare Centre in Varna was established on the 1st of November 2008 by FINBUL Ltd.
The Centre was entitled to maintain the In-Warranty and Out-Warranty technical support of Nokia mobile communication devices in accordance with the terms of FINBULs contract with Nokia Corporation until 01.01.2014.
After the 01.01.2014 FINBUL SERVICE Centre has continued with the Out-Warranty technical support of the Customers of Finbul Ltd. The diagnostic, technical and software support is carried out by highly qualified specialists with a long-standing experience in the mobile communications.The usage of original spare parts from the manufacturer is an additional guarantee in the professional care of the Customers. The main principle of FINBUL SERVICE Centre in the maintenance of mobile products is the usage of the most modern technical equipments, technologies and professional appliances. Among our main goals, the opportune qualified service of the clients has the privilege in order to assure their confidence and satisfaction at maximum efficacy.
FINBUL SERVICE Centre offers the opportunity to recycle the obsolete devices, which is aimed at protecting the environment.

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