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Nokia магазин и сeрвиз Финбул

finbul SC

Специализиран сервизен център за хардуерен и софтуерен ремонт на мобилни телефони и продажба на аксесоари и апарати Nokia.

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Адрес и Контакти


Nokia магазин и сeрвиз Финбул

бул. " Чаталджа " 20, 9000 Варна

телефон: 052 721058

мобилен: 0898 650645


Работно време:

Пон.-Петък: 10ч.-19ч.

Събота: 10ч.-14ч.

Неделя: Почивен ден

gps координати:

N 43 21'48"

E 27 92'14"



FINBUL Ltd. is a joint Bulgarian-Finnish Company, specialized in business intercessions among companies from Scandinavia, Finland, Baltic countries and Bulgaria. The main goal of the company is in service and assistance with the supply of qualitative and reliable commodities which could be of interest for the markets in these countries. The company works with competitive partners of proved reliability and merit in their country markets where they offer their products.The main advantage of "FINBUL" Ltd. is a competent and trained personnel well grounded in the details of the trading products. The training and qualification of the staff is based on the technical requirements and standards as well as on the marketing peculiarities of each aforementioned country market. "FINBUL" Ltd. trades only with commodities certified with ISO 9001:2000 which presumes that the company expands its business exclusively and solely with proven in their quality products. The company has offices in Finland, Estonia and Bulgaria which makes the communications convenient and reliable.


Finbul Service Centre - Varna is a part of FINBUL Ltd., specialized in the implementation of technical and software maintenance of mobile phones and accessories. The main goal of the company is the qualitative care of mobile devices in the shortest terms to assure the convenience of the Customers at maximum efficiency. In this regard Finbul Service Centre - Varna uses the latest technologies and modern equipment which are in accordance with the requirements for ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protected Area and ESD compatible tools, clothing and other appliances. The highest professional level in the care of the customers is guaranteed by the highly qualified engineers and the continuous improvement in know-now of the staff.